National Director of Compliance Training

Austin, TX

The primary responsibility will be the project management and implementation of programming/training to meet all compliance requirements. This position will provide organization-wide focus for efforts related to training compliance with all federal, state, and accreditation agencies. The Director of Compliance Training is responsible for delivering training plans and requirements to the Vice President of Compliance. This position will require coordination and collaboration with the Human Resources Learning and Development Department, National Director of Compliance Field Operations, Regional Compliance Managers and Program Leadership. The Director is a subject matter expert, responsible for establishing standards and implementing systems to provide training planning and training compliance programs throughout the organization.

Essential Functions:

Develops annual, new employee, and supplemental training plans to maintain compliance and meet the training and development needs of the organization

Reviews, assimilates, and applies all federal, state, and accreditation agencies' training compliance standards.

Revises the national and regional training compliance requirements as mandated by federal or state agencies.

Provides guidance and reports to ensure L&D and training maintain 100% compliance at the program level and pass all licensing and/or ORR audits.

Provides strategic direction to the management team on training planning and compliance.

Prepares and presents clear and concise planning and compliance reports to senior management.

Interacts with regulators/stakeholders on training compliance issues.

Coordinates efforts related to training audits and reviews.

Coordinates internal training compliance review and monitoring.

Provide detailed research and data analysis to support the identification of risks and proposed training solutions.

Helps to develop and maintain the annual training plan that supports the Southwest Key Programs values and priorities; recommends goals and outcomes; evaluates the effectiveness of the plan activities; and implements improvements; and regularly reports on the plan.

Plans, schedules, and tracks participation for all compliance training; developing a master calendar for compliance training to include monthly, quarterly, and annual training based on organization-wide mandated training, Southwest Key Programs specific training, and required regulatory training.

Measures progress and effectiveness of training through testing; prepares comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Works alongside Regional Compliance Managers and UM Leadership to assess regional training needs.

Other Functions:

Able to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as

Manage meetings and training logistics as needed.

Qualifications and Requirements:

A combination of one of the following:

Masters degree in a social service or related field, with three at least three (8) years experience managing programs serving at risk youth and families with supervisory responsibilities.

Bachelor's degree in social services or related field with at least five (8) years' experience managing programs serving at risk youth and families with supervisory responsibilities.

Supervisory experience in monitoring and quality assurance of behavior/case management, budget management, personnel management, conflict resolution, cultural diversity awareness, overall office management, group or family counseling, youth services, residential, educational or institutional settings and advocacy.

Proficiency with technology along with the ability to learn new software quickly. Should have strong, demonstrable general computer skills and knowledge of software such as MS Windows, the MS Office Suite.

Expert at LMS administration

Proven ability to manage strategic and tactical work in order to achieve overall learning and compliance requirements and projects

Valid State Driver's License maintain current insurance and registration and clear driving record.

Clear result from a criminal background check

Clear drug screen results from the organization's designated medical facility.

Ability to assist with goal-oriented delivery of services.

Possess good verbal and written skills.

Ability to manage conflicts and perform well in crisis situations.

Physical Demands:

Must be able to read, write, and communicate both verbally and in written form to express and exchange ideas. While performing the responsibilities of this job, the employee must be able to access all components of the workstation and other office equipment. Frequent typing, writing, bending, and twisting. Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds.

Work Environment:

This position oversees programs in various cities and requires travel to program locations. Work schedule is subject to change. Noise levels vary from mild to moderate. This position may require extended periods of time in an automobile. Exposed to prevalent weather conditions.

Location Austin, TX (78729)
Job Type Full Time
Company Southwest Key Programs
Posted 2 days ago